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Friday, December 24, 2010

"Dragonfly In Amber"

Hello it is I Claire Fras,,,,I mean Randa,,,,,OH BLOODY HELL!! Let just begin....
It was 1968, I have returned to Scotland with my 20 year old daughter Brianna..
I'm wanting to do alittle history research. Its been 20 years and I feel I've kept my secrets long enough....With the help of an old acquaintance from mine and Franks visit back in the 40's (coarse he was just a wee lad back then,,,oh sorry I find myself still talking here and there like my dearest Jaime)
Anyway...Roger Wakefiend is most helpful, (with a few discoveries for himself.) I have debated to tell Brianna thinking she might have me committed and the Promise I made Frank.
But the life I had with Jaime...OH the memories... The prison escape, the time we spent in France, and still all the danger that we faced...
..Hmmmm..maybe i could tell her like a history lesson...
What to do ...or how to do it...
After a trip to a historical sight.....Oh Jesus H. Rooselvelt! before I know it my emotions took the best of me and I just blurted everything,,,The Standing Stones, The Conspiracy, The rise of Prince Charles,,,,all the tragedies we endured, the adultery and duel..THat Bloody Duel!!! the event that nearly destroyed me and Jaime....But it was also all the things that brought Jaime and I closer together..
I couldn't stop....and after it was all said and done..I believe I threw my poor daughter into shock...and Roger sweet roger who was just in "AHH"
Well with everything in the open now, and the history information that Roger has looked up for me....(I filled in a few pieces of his family tree myself..with the secrets of the friend that I met shortly after all the madness started) Geillis Duncan ...OH Geillis (who took her secrets to the grave but not before she shared alittle with me)
Brianna might not have believed me if it wasnt for her..
But now I have reached another dilemma...with what Roger has just shared with me.......On the day Jaime took me back to the stones (the only thing he could think of to keep me safe) I only did it cause we knew what the outcome would be ...But now OH my God .......Could it be? After all this time.......

What the...? Why does she always do that? What did Roger Tell her? What is she going to do? and why does Claire not let me write my own review....Well I guess theres only one way to find out,,,She gonna make me venture into "Voyager" 3rd installment into the "Outlander" Series.....


♥JimiAnn said...

Love your blog! I really enjoy the way you write your reviews! I also love the background of your blog!



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