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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Im currently reading !!!

"Outlander Series"

So  to start off alot of the books and series I read I find on a couple of book blogs that I follow..Like the one Im currently reading now..
     And I must warn you I tend to lose myself literally the characters sometimes tend to possess my mind and you never kn.....
My name is Claire Randall, I dont know where I should begin or maybe I should say when to begin...
  I started out enjoying a so to speak second honeymoon with my husband Frank in the early 1940's in Scotland,,,,Frank got a bright Idea in his head to spy on somekind of pagen ritual around some strange rocks,,The next day I returned to  gather plants that I saw the day before, got to close to the rocks and I found myself in the 1740's approx 200 years from my time and not at a very good moment I might add..(Frank and his crazy ideas)
      I was taken captive by a clan of Scotsman that used my healing skills tending to the wounds of a Scotsman named Jaime......and  that was the beginning of the end....
     As the weeks progressed and not knowing at this point how or when I'll ever return to my own time ..I'm staying in the Castle Leock adjusting to the time and trying to make myself useful..
    I was taken on an outing with Jaime and Dougal Mackenzie (one of the head of the MacKenzie Clan)and Dougal had suggested that I need to marry Jaime.  He says that Jaime will keep me safe from a devious Red Coat that seems to want me for something,,,that looks like my husband Frank (Strange!) 
     So now I have 2 husbands (Is it begamy if its in 2 different centuries?)...Adjusting to married life with Jaime...And trying not to forget the other one I have found myself in more danger than I care to recap ...I have realized that Im in love with Jaime ,,,Frank is still there,,,but Im falling more and more everymoment I spend with Jaime...(sigh) 

Sooner or later I will have to come clean and a decision will need to be made but right now I know what I want and what Im doing and it doesnt matter how hard I try I cant be away from him....

...And Im back ...sheesh Claire takes alot out of me...Wait can't be away from who? Claire! You sassy sassenach!! I guess I'll just have to continue with her story in Dragonfly in Amber....


Brittany said...

Its amazing!!

Lily of Darkness said...

That was cute! Loved how you write it!

Lily of Darkness said...

I am also reading Dragonfly in Amber right now - I'm not far into it though.

After_Dark said...

Im only on chapter 15 Im having a hard time getting into it...but continue to read cause I know its leading up to something...



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