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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Passion Unleased

Passion Unleased "Demonica Series #3" by Larissa Ione
Well, this sereis is really intense.  Full of everything that keeps you turning the pages.  This is the 3rd book in the "Demonica Series" Wraith's book.
So far I have to say Wraith is my favorite demon brother. Not only does he share his brother's qualities as a "seminus demon" but this demon's mama was a vampire,,so he also comes with vampire tendencies.
     Wraith has a certain set of rules that he lives by.   
#1 being he doesn't do human femals,.....Which in the condition Wraith ends up in can mean life or death,,,not only for him but his brothers,,and Underground General as well.
,,,,,,Serena Kelley is full of life, lives for the moment, thrives on excitement and adventure.  Serena is a very special female.  After falling ill at a young age her mother passed on a very important charm to keep her alive, and healthy,,,also makes her kind of immortal,,,,but she is human..,,,,But there's a catch, Serena must stay intact.....If ever there should be a "White Wedding" Serena, could pull it off honestly....So, she lives a life of celebacy,,,cause not only would Serena lose her charm if she was to stray away from her "vow" of celebacy but it would also cost her,,,,her life.  And Serena is key to saving Wraith's life.

.....Wraith finds himself in a dilema, not only does he have to break a "self rule" about humans, but she's a virgin.."YIKES"

...So Serena while on  her quest in Egypt has become the prey of a "fallen angel" turned evil who is out for blood...Her blood....so Wraith becomes her protector,,,,
.....and he begins to feel things for this female....this human female...that will have him in a "self battle" between his only living family, and the 1 woman who might have stolen  his heart.
....And Serena being charmed..(and not by her gift) will start to feel her strength fading as it becomes harder and harder to resist this beautiful man...but to the point she is willing to give up everything?
Doesn't look like a very Happily Ever  After for the sem demon, 1/2 "Vampire"




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