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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Backstage Pass "Sinners on Tour Series" #1

,,,,,So before I start, I just want to say that this is the start of a "Rockin" series, no vampires, werewolves,or fae creatures for all you paranormal lovers, but in my opinion a HOT! HUNKY! ROCKSTAR! is the next best thing....

,,,,,Myrna Evans- 35 years old--has a job--has a past--and like most has a favorite "Rock Band"
,,,,,After one of her conventions she just happens to run into her "favorite rock bank" The Sinners.  They just so happen to be staying the in the same hotel.....
,,,,,Looking out of place..shes excited and wants to be bold and fearful, approaches the table and to her surprize was welcomed to join them.
,,,,,NOW WHAT? ...lol she finds herself surrounded by Sed -lead (hot, gorgeous and probably has no trouble in the female department) Jace- base player (boyishly cute, but possibly a dark side to him) Eric the drummer (not ugly and seems to be the more sociable and out spoken one of the bunch) Trey-rythym gutarish (stunningly handsome with his green eyes)and,,,,Brian "Master" Sinclair lead gutarist (gorgeous known as a "God" with his musical fingers) and apparently in no shape to be social or for that matter anything else Myrna might be fantasizing about.
,,,,,Deciding to have that "Dare to be Bold" "live on the edge", Mryna politely excuses herself for the nite but not without discretely inviting "Master" Sinclair to her room.
,,,,,What the hell..a one night stand with a famous rock band memeber and happens to be her favorite Sinners member,,,that is every girls fantasy,,,,
,,,,,Unfortunately for Brian, after one night didn't want it to end,,,specially after he began to "hear" the music again...
,,,,,.Myrna working on an idea so she can keep her job,,,has decided on a project that turned her 1 night stand into a 3 month tour with "The Sinners." Making it clear that her and Brian are just having fun, no emotional attachment, and after 3 months she will leave,,,is gonna be in for a big surprize,,,,Brian the hopelessly romantic that he is the 1 woman guy decides he'll hold back and before the Summer tour is over he will make it to were Myrna will never want to leave him.
,,,,,Being in such close prosimity with Brian, Myrna is finding it hard to deny that she doesn't have strong feelings for him, and with a past that came back to haunt her Brian ends up being her Knight in Shining Armor, But was it enough?
,,,,,With the passion,,,ohhhh the passion,,,and intimate moments many many many intimate moments,,,Brian knows he loves this woman, but will his confession drive Myrna away or help her realize what she really feels? ..*from left to right Brian "Master Sinclare, Sedric Lionhart, Jace, Eric and Trey,,,*this picture was taken from the authors website here
so lets just say that I really am going to enjoy this series....I love Rock Stars it happens to be my favorite type of music,,,and this book is full of them,,hehe....you might find yourself kind being like "Yeah right" "whatever" but my famous last words are "Keep Reading"
so anyway,,,inlight of this Rock Star Genre,,,Ive decided to share with you my favorite Rock band,,and who i would want to tour with,,and have countless and i mean countless encounters with ,,,,*wink*

Papa Roach,,,hmmmmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm! Ive seen them 3 times in concert,,in the last 2 years...and they are my uno numro,,,and Jacoby Shaddix the lead singer is my main focal point,,,




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