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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ecstasy Unveiled "The Demonica Series" #4 by Larissa Ione

"He who does not see the angels and devils in the beauty of malice of life will be far removed from knowledge, and his apirit will be empty of affection.....Kahil Gibran

So Shade has really been my uno numro "Sem" Brother, but that was until Lore the long lost brother came along.
,,,,,Lore is strong, powerful, lethal, and can kill iwth one touch, So I guess it would make sense for him to become an assassin.
,,,,So just like an everyday job Lore recieves his next assignment,,,Its the assighnment that will set him free-(along with his sister)
,,,He didn't fulfil his last assignment,,,I guess when you find out that your mark are your own brothers ..that might rain on your parade a bit.  So Lore is bound and determined to full fill this contract to much at stake for him not to. 
,,,,,It was supposed to be so simple...in and out.  The plan was bullet proof. (so Lore thought) Just one touch.  He wasn't expecting her...
,,,,,Idess, beautiful, strong, sexy, and totally messing up Lore's assignment.  But Idess is a Memitim and earth bound angel assigned to protect primori which are human and demons whose lives are fated to affect the4 world in some crucial way. and guess what wouldn't you know it...yep..Lore's, mark is a "Primori" and not only that, but alos a close personal friend of his brothers..."Yikes" This might be more difficult than Lore thought and not because of the close relationship that Lore has with his brothers...
,,,,,Idess is bound to not fail..She has been waiting too long.  she ahs only dreamed and fantasized about the day that she fullfils her duties here on earth earn her wings, and ascend to the "heavens"
,,,,,Idess is gonna do what she has to do.  So what better way to do..that,,,kidnap the threat and chain him up to her bed...
,,,,,Lore on a time schedule to fulfil his duty,,finds that this could be very difficult chained to this woman angel what ever the hell she is bed...But never let a Sem demon full ya..Lore has a trick up his sleeve..The one thing that comes soo natural to a Sem demon,,,,heheh,,"SEDUCTION"
,,,,,Well that would have been all fine and dandy...but attraction was not neither one of them had expected.
Lore not able to ever be with a woman or touch a woman because of his special demon gift, and Idess with all her years on yearth wanting nothing more than to ascend, have found out that there is somehting more that they both want that could change both their lives.
,,,,,New plan,,Idess believes that there is something or maby even someone playing with fate.  Cause starnge things are happening that don't make any sense.
,,,,,With Lore's word that her "Primori" is safe they work together to get to the bottom of the chaos. 
,,,,,With nothing but danger and the need to protect the closer they get.  Lore is finding it harder and harder so to protect not only this beautiful creature and his sister,,theres only one way to get out of the his contract, if he dies...well better to be dead,,,for his sisters freedom and not be with the one female that he ever wanted.    
,,,,,And Idess, will she give up her dream to protect and be with a demon that will ruin her of ever ascending..

I love the twists of events,,that pulls this story together,,,with Idess, Lore, and the mystery man that Lore is suppose to kill,,hehe notice I didn't put that in there,,well if you wanna know you gotta read...
Sin's book is next...


Jen said...

Lore is my favorite Sem brother. He's a great tortured hero!

Jen at Red Hot Books

Franny said...

Hi, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog :)



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