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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Halfway to the Grave Night Huntress Series #1 by Jeaniene Frost

,,,,,Cathrine "Cat" Crawford always knew she was different growing up.  At 16 her mother didn't tell her who she was but rather what she was.
,,,,,Her mother confessed that she was raped by a vampire that resulted in her being born a hafl-breed.,,,Ever since Cat's been hunting and killing vampires, hoping one night to avenge her mother with the 1 vampire that gave her life, and with some issues her mother has instilled in her head,,,make up for the part of herself her mother hates.
,,,,,Being half vampire Cat is strong, faster than a normal human being and can since a vamps presence.....Now at 22 she's still prowling.,,going to the bars with a seductive act promising a good time, thats resulting in there death.,,,They never expect a thing with her beating heart and strength to kill.
,,,,,On a night that is pretty much routine for Cat,,,she meets her match.  Bones is tall, dark, sexy, and sizzlin with power.,,After taking Cat up on an offer in opinion no vampire could refuse, he changes her rules of the game, and Cat finds herself chained up in a cave.
,,,,,Bones being a hunter himself believes Cat was sent to kill him,,,but after she convinces him other wise,,,instead of killing her which is what she's thinking he offers to come work with him....What choice does Cat have but agree....
,,,,,Bones's traingin is rough and almost seems endless, but after several nights of trainging and working, Cat finds herself seeing Bones in a different way,,,not so much as a target but something more,,,,
,,,,,Now,,,how is she gonna explain this to her Mother,,,who her entire life has done nothing but preach to Cat about how evil all vampires are and they all need to be distinguished,,,Well,,,,things do start to get complicated,,,trying to live as normal as possible, going to school, hiding her new boyfriend from her mother, Cat ends up face to face with head honcho of a slave trading ring,,,and after her grandparents are murdered Cat is left with the blood on her hands...
,,,,,Cat is only left with 2 options,,Live on the run with the man she loves, or leave her only happiness behind to save  his life- as well as her own...

*my opionon*
Well this has been an excellent series,,full of action, humor, and don't forget the romance, This story is written beautifully, you be left with shocks and WTF moments and I guarantee, you will not just want to stop with just this one so just for some advise from one reader to another,,I would definately have at least the first 2 maybe 3 before you start,,or you will find yourself pulling your hair out  passing the time waiting for the nearest book store to open,,,


Jessica@a GREAT read said...

I looove this series! Cat was the kind of heroine that I enjoy reading about. And Bones?! Where to begin! Great review!

Jamie Kline said...

This series sounds amazing! I love a good vampire hunter book. Thanks for sharing this awesome review, I'm going to add this one to my TBR list!

Jamie @ Bookerella

Jen said...

This is one of my favorite Paranormal Romance series. I love Jeaniene Frost!

Jen at Red Hot Books

VildesVerden said...

I love this series too!Happy weekend wishes from Norway



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