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Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Follow Friday #7

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Q. In light of the Summer Solstice. Also known as Midsummer...let's talk about fairies. What is your favorite fairy tale or story that revolves around the fae?

hmmmm, I haven't read many series or books that involve the fae.....but I guess one of my favorites was "The Magic Series" by Cheyenne McCray,,,About a coven of witches,,,that are seeking the help of the fae creatures to help overtake a dark Warlock that is possessed by a demon that  wants to be free of the underworld,,
reading order:
1. Forbidden Magic
2. Seduced by Magic
3. Wicked Magic
4. Shadow Magic
5. Dark Magic
D’Anu witch Silver Ashcroft knows she walks a perilous line by practicing gray magic. But it’s the only way to protect herself from the evil that surrounds her. After the horrors she has witnessed, Silver thinks she is ready for anything...until the most intensely arousing being she has ever encountered swiftly—and sensuously—proves her wrong...
Hawk is a Tuatha D’Danann warrior—powerful beings descended from the Fae. And for him duty has always come before pleasure. Then, clad only in moonlight, Silver Ashcroft welcomes him to her city of San Francisco and makes his blood sing with a passion beyond compare. She is the embodiment of fantasies he never knew he had, but the terrifying reality of his mission lurks in every shadow...
Only the strongest will survive the upcoming battle, and the forces of darkness are more powerful than ever. Now, warrior and witch must trust in their hearts above all else—for to claim victory, they first must claim each other...

Copper Ashcroft is an accomplished D’Anu witch, but the magic she wields is a potent force—strong enough to hurl her into a mysterious Otherworld when a spell backfires. Before Copper can escape, another being is pulled into her realm—Tiernan, a powerfully virile Tuatha D’Danann warrior. Blond, blue-eyed, and shamelessly seductive, Tiernan could be Copper’s savior…and his touch sets her body on fire.
Like others of his kind, Tiernan stands alongside the D’Anu witches to battle the demons of the Underworld. Obligation to his cause and his people cautions against any entanglement with Copper, yet each second spent with this beautiful, uninhibited woman stirs an insatiable hunger. Desire explodes into carnal bliss, but the visions that haunt Copper’s dreams are growing stronger, and they foretell a terrifying evil waiting to be unleashed…
Saving the city will take more than brute strength…more than witchcraft. Only together can Copper and Tiernan find a way to overcome the dark forces—and seize a passion that has bewitched them both.

Rhiannon Castle is a D'Anu witch whose is a D'Anu witch whose Coven sisters know nothing of the Shadows that lurk within her. Rhiannon can't reveal the truth to anyone—least of all Keir, a rugged warrior soldier who walks into Rhiannon's life and awakens her to a wanton reckless desire…
Keir's Tuatha D'Danann Tuatha D'Danann brethren are the only real family he has ever known. He trusts no one—until he is sent to San Francisco and meets Rhiannon, the one woman with fire enough to tame him. Every seductive encounter convinces Keir that she belongs with him—even though Rhiannon knows her powers could put him in peril…
And then a new threat rises from the depths of the Underworld. When a demon goddess unleashes her evil upon our world, Rhiannon's secret could prove the ultimate weapon in this epic battle—or forge a pathway to destruction for the only man she's ever loved…

When Hannah Wentworth temporarily flees her life in San Francisco to join her sister D’Anu witches in Otherworld, she vows to help them conquer the evil bent on destroying the human realm. But the only one who can help her happens to be the king of the Dark Elves. The father to her nemesis, Rhiannon of the D’Anu. And the one man Hannah can never, ever trust...especially because of her dangerous attraction to him.
Garran knows that the beautiful, headstrong Hannah is wary of him for having banished his people to a life underground. But now Garran can right that wrong by helping her and the other gray witches in their dangerous battle in San Francisco—even if doing so means sacrificing the passion he’s found only in Hannah’s arms…

The war between good and evil
Jake Macgregor has his hands full. As San Francisco’s leader of the Paranormal Special Forces unit, he and his team are facing a powerful enemy that threatens to bring down the city. With the weight of the world already resting on his broad, chiseled shoulders, the last thing Jake has time for is romance. So why—after a long, hard day’s fight against evil—are his nights filled with dreams of Cassia?
Is about to get a whole lot hotter…
Cassia is a D’Anu witch whose birthright ensures power and honor beyond her imagination. It also forbids the one thing Cassia wants the most: the love of mortal Jake Macgregor. When she intervenes in a skirmish to save his life, the consequences are inescapable—even though the magic they make together is too luscious, and potent, to resist…

*all over views are taken from the barnes and noble website*



Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Haven't read that series, but it does sound pretty interesting!

Here's my Friday Hops

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :D

Lan said...

My goodness Jen, that is some dedicated question answering! You really make a great case for your books.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great weekend.


Cary Cheyenne. said...

I haven't read those books / series, but they look really good! Thanks for sharing them :) Happy Friday!! I'm now following your blog. Here's my post: http://tiny.cc/7nma0

_yay_ said...

Thanks for the FF follow! I'm here to return the favor :-). Happy Friday!

karen! said...

I'm just popping by from Parajunkee. I haven't put up my follow-friday post yet, but I thought I'd get a head start on my visiting (and maybe get some ideas of fairy books for my to-be-read list).

Happy Friday!
I'm following you now.

morsie reads

BookGirl said...

I haven't read that series, hmm I have to look it up.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend!

Bookgirl @ My Book Addiction

Tracy Smith said...

Sounds like a good series. I'll have to check it out.

I'm a new follower on gfc as countrysunset40. Come on over to visit when you get the chance.


Pedantic Phooka said...

Happy Follow Friday! Hopping through via Parajunkee. I'm a new follower.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

bookchewer said...

I havn't read tis series...well because I read YA. Sounds quite interesting though!

Here's my FF @

New follower!

Alaiel Kreuz said...

Thanks for coming by blog, Jennifer :D I am of course, following you now. Hope you have a good weekend! Hugs,


bex said...

Oh, I like the list. Will definitely have to check those out! :)

I'm a new follower! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

My FF can be found here!

Rebecca @ kindle fever

Amy said...

Hey! Great answer.

Here's my Friday

Amy@adumbrations (new follower)

Shelagh said...

Hi Jennifer - that series does sound more than a little intriguing.

Following you back.

The Word Fiend

Mia said...

Thanks for sharing the synopsis of all the books. Havent read them before. :)
New follower here.

Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com said...

Took me longer to come by than I thought it would. But I am now following you. If you have any blogging questions, feel free to ask. I might not know but I will try.
Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
email: steph@fangswandsandfairydust.com
Twitter: @fangswandsfairy

Alison said...

Hopping through. I haven't heard the McCray books. They sound like fun. I'll have to look them up.
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