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Friday, June 17, 2011

One Foot in the Grave "Night Huntress Series" #2

,,,,,So it's been about 4 years since Cat not only left Ohio but the one man she has ever loved, Bones. She has been working for the FBI's Special Paranormal Unit.  She has the support of some good men that she trains to help her hunt and kill the vamps that are evil and dangerous to be among human.
,,,,,On the outside Cat lives her life, she has a great tem that is closer than any family could be, she has even made a close friend named Denise. She seems happy, but on the inside she still feels empty.
,,,,,Cat buries herself in her work to avoid facing her emotions. 
,,,,,After Cat was sent to take out a "Master Vampire" she finds her self infront of the man (or vampire I guess you should say) that is responsible for Bones. For the love of her former companion she lets him go.,and it might just end up costing her....
,,,,,The "cat" is out of the bag,,,no pun intended...lol Cat's secret of what and who she is known and now there is a price on her head.
,,,,,Theres only one person that can help her and protect her and that is Bones himself.

,,,,,After all this time during a special event Bones shows back up and after eye contact is made Cat is over whelmed with a flood of emotions,,everything she had and everything she could have had...
*Bones did tell her "If you run from me, I'll chase you, and I'll find you."
,,,,,Working together again and trying to get back the 4 years that they lost Can and Bones are faced with more fights, jealousy issues, and well,,,lets not forget her dear ole mother Justina, who is just so thrilled about Bones being back in Cat's life....NOT!!!!
,,,,,In the end Cat comes face to face with the man shes been hunting for since she was 16...But taken what she wants might cost her ,,,,her happiness again....

*note from the blogger me*
You will fall in love all over again with Cat and Bones,,,,this book actually will connect you with them to where you feel there emotions, expierence there, down falls, and in some parts will have you laughing,,
the intense passion that Frost puts between these 2 characters is almost over whelming to me,,but I wouldn't have it any other way,,,

* And just so all you know,,,I'm completely irrevacably in love with Bones*
and yes I did still a line off of "Twilight"..


Tyraa said...

I think this was my fav book in the series :) love the tension between them

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Ha ha! But that line sounds sooooooo much better with Bones at the end!

Little_Dhampir91 said...

I'm obsessed over this series! Team Cat & Bones for life!

New follower.

Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com said...

hi! new follower from the 18 plus. I love Cat & Bones too.

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