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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Rock Hard" Sinners On Tour #2

,,,,,Sed Lionhart is the lead singer of the Sinners, arrogant, cocky, absolutely gorgeous and has an insatable appetite,,,and its not for food.,,,But Sed is also concealing a past hurt, a memory of the one woman,,,who will always have his heart.,,,
*so what do you think Sed does* HUMP!! just what every egotistical, ass hole likes to pretend they dont give a F*** do,,,,and Sed being in the Sinners, He's famous he has noo problem getting a woman,,hell he gets 2 or 3 sometimes even 4,,,"Bangin away a memory" ...Yeah Seds alittle into his groupies....*Its just sex--no forplay--no kissing--nothing personal except his dick,,,,completely emotionally detached*

,,,,,Jessica Chase smart, sassy, finishing up her 2nd year of law school, very attractive, attends to catch the eye of the opposite sex, Unfortunately for her male classmates, she has no interest in dating much less anything else that might require use of the student body,,Not in the last 2 years when she broke off her engagement to the man that she still craved with her body and heart....

,,,,,School has ended and Jessica is facing a crisis with her scholarship...She needs to find a way to earn money so that she continue with school........soooo what better way with looks and the body,,,,Vegas Baby!! and I don't mean she went and tried her luck at the slot machines niether..

,,,,,Working one night Jessica is aburptly yanked off the stage, by -------WTF! of all the places for him to show up Sed!
,,,,,It's been 2 years-since she chunked her quote unquote "piece of shit" engagement ring at him and walked out of his life never looking back and apparantly neither did her...
,,,,,But now 2 years later there face to face----Sed has made it big as a rockstar and Jessica struggling to stay in school.....*Prideful Much?*

,,,,,Its obvious there is alot of mixed emotions, between the both of them.,, Hate, hurt, anger, but there is also, lust, wanting and ,,,,,,,even after 2 years love.....

*Coarse neither one of them are going to admit it,,Stubborn Asses!* its real simple,,,
SED: Jessica, I love you , I've always loved, I never stopped loving you......pull some Jerry McGuire bull shit "you complete me" I don't care how head strong you are or what a "bad ass I don't need you" bitch you are---some rockin hard gorgeous rugged tough man looks in your eyes ----you would quit school, your job, you would become Julia Roberts in the Pretty Woman , "beck n call girl" minus being paid of coarse,,,except just living to sexually satisfy your man,,,,,,....Oh wait thats me,,hehe coarse I live in the real world, not Jessica's sorry,,went off on a spin......* it happens! lol*

,,,,Neways.....you remember Mryna, sweet sophisticated Myrna,,,offers Jessica a job as her assistance to help her with her "groupie" project. (you think Myrna has something up her sleeve?),,,,
,,,,Jessica gratefully excepts, but her first night and the jealous claws are out,,,and she finds herself against the wall, on the bed, sofa in the tour bus,  at the Belagio Fountain, on top of the Eifel Tower, (remeber there in Vegas) in the cab...*the passion between them is undeniable*

,,,,With some scary "hitting rock bottom moments" with the band, and some certain member,,,(no spoilers from me hehe)Sed starts showing his true self ,,or really Jessica just starts seeing more as what it is and  what its not....With the confession of "love" at the tip of there tounge the relationship kind of takes a turn for the worse,,,,with Sed and his way of words "so to speak" and Jessica always feeling Sed is responsible for messing up her life,,,doesn't look like a HEA for Sed and Jessica,,,

Well I'll never tell...hehe...

*this is still a strong series,,,and still has my interest peaked very high,,,that I can't wait for the next book, there are moments where the story kind of drags, and you I was hoping for some more challenge between the 2 main characters,,one moment there sweet the next not so sweet, its like forgetting where your are and what the situation is really about...but as much as I like Brian "Master" Sinclair,,,I do believe Sed has ruined it for everybody,,and I am his #1 fan....




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