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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sin Undone "Demonica Series" #5 by Larissa Ione

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,,,,,Sin, being the only Seminus Demon known to exist (which earned her the nickname Smurfette by her 1/2vamp/1/2 sem brother Wraith) was born twin sister to Lore, and being raised human, she went thru her S'genesis not knowing what the hell was going on with her.  Left scared and alone Sin did what she had to do to survive.  Not having a pleasent life being used and abused she is now in a position that she might be able to live free. (somewhat)
,,,,,Being an assassin like her brother Lore, she uses her special gift that she has to carry out an assignment and turns out that it didn't just stop there, but has actually created a plague that is affecting and killing the were community.  (and what better name for this plague but "Sin Fever")
,,,,,She is being cooperative with her brother Eidolon to help find a cure, but its not that simple.  The were-council wants her to pay for what she's done and previous events with Lore and his mate Idess, Sin has taken over the "Assassins Den" and as long as she is out and about, not at UG General or the "den" her life is in danger, being hunted by her...hmm? what would you call them..her co-assassins...(haha get it like co-workers)
,,,,,And lets not forget,,Sin is a sem demon which means her need for sex is always on the rise.  She finds her sexual release with a 1/2 vamp-1/2 were Conwall who works for UG General, and has actually already gotten aquainted with Sin once in the closet of UG General..  Little did Con know that just that one time would leave him with a desire for her,,,or is it her blood?
,,,,,He's promised the "brothers that he will keep Sin safe and they will work together to help stop the spread of the disease.
,,,,,Con not really knowing weather to hate her or like her finds that the "liking her" side is winning,,,but Conwall has prior obligations that could destroy Sin.  With all the time and intament encounters she's barely coming around starting to feel and trust, believing for once that in the end she might not be alone.

*What a BASTARD! REALLY? Con going to demand things upon her, ,make her face her sins, feel the remorse, the regret, the heart break, for all she's done,,the one wall she's kept up that helps her cope to just walk away, and leave her alone?*

,,,,,With a strange turn of events and Con's mysterious 2nd life things might just work out for Sin.  Not only has she found a family, that she didn't think she  really wanted with her brothers, but also might have found the one man who proves all her theory's wrong of being left alone.

This completes the Demonica Series and it was a perfect ending and a great introduction to her new series "Lords of the Deliverance"
Larissa is intense with the violence, the passion, in all aspects that makes you keep turning the page....
,,,,,I love to read books that has me blinking back tears, trying to catch my breath, in my best way to describe,,"I feel it in my gut and my heart is in my throat" Even with a female as the main focus which is alittle different, I still fell in love with her...struggled with her, felt her pain, Several moments the my heart broke and I felt sorry for Sin, and moments that I was excited for her cause even though she portrayed herself to be this badass, dont need anybody, tough bitch,,,you will love taking the steps with her when she opened up to her brothers,,,who she didn't really want anything to do with in the beginning, and the soft moments with Con, when you can see for the first time that Sin is falling in love,,,
I do recommend this series to anyone who hasn't read it yet.




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