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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter (my review)

Lords of the Underworld Series #2
The Darkest Kiss
,,,,,Well the series is still going strong for me....Honeslty, I did want to skip over this book and jump right into Reyes's arms,,,I mean story,,,But I didn't OCD got the best of me *sigh*
But now that I have finished it Im glad I didn't ,,I would have missed alot,,just to name a few..Maddox gets some happy news,,,Theres an escape that puts Reyes on edge,,,,alittle drama with Paris,,that might be alittle teazer in is upcoming book...hmmmm Paris,,,,yeah yeah ok on to Lucien...

,,,,,Lucian is bonded with the demon "Death"-He is kind of ahead fo the other "Warrior Brothers",,,He feels responsible for them,,There well being, there safety,,mainly because...well Lucien is the one that opened "the box" and let the demons out...that now each of his warrior brethren are bonded too...and not only does he carry the responsibilty and the guilt ,,but Lucien is scarred emotionally and physically....

*A self torture to make sure no woman would ever want him after losing a woman that he loved along time ago*

,,,,,So imagine his surprize when little miss sassy Anya,,has her eye on him....
,,,,,Anya is a Goddess herself,,tough, stubborn, pushy, and she's gonna do what she wants...(and she kind of gave me the impression that she usually gets what she wants)

*I liked Anya alot she's corky, made me laugh, but she just reminded me of someone at at a "Frat Party" taking body shots...compared to "Im a loner, violent, will kill you, leave me the F alone if you know whats good for ya Lucien*

I guess its true when they say opposites attract!
,,,,,Anya has had her eye on Lucien for awhile- watching him (note to self-if you ever wanted to stalk someone do it in Anya Style..lol) She's never made herself visible until now-when she crashes a party,,,and is there for one reason and one reason only......Lucien...

,,,,,Lucien being stand offish-and alittle,,,well no actually alot insecure can't help but question this beautiful female Goddess,,,(why me?) *Im Screaming Why Not You*
,,,But Anya is determined,,,(almost to the point of being really really desperate,,but cute enough that its not if that makes any sense)
,,,,,After one kiss Lucien is struck with desire for her,,and Anya is all but consumed with "I want more"
,,,,,Lucian and Anya face alot of obsticles,,The main one --Anya has secret of her own,,and has something that a  powerful God wants..and her stuborness and willingness to remain free,,,there is only one other way to take it from her..,,,Kill Her!
,,,But there are consequences to killing Anya,,,,so rather than do it himself who better than to order but "Death" himself...


,,,Lucien left between a rock and hard spot carry out this order or people that are closest to him will suffer ,,and in this case his fellow warriors...

,,,,Theres alot of cat and mouse games that had me growling,,,"Come on already" Kill Her! or Bleep Her!
*I did find myself getting alittle impatient*

,,,,,You find out Anya's story-her secrets, and watch her melt Lucien down to a possessive "MINE" warrior to were he won't or really can't kill Anya...*Good read I wouldn't say "Awsome" but good enough it still has my interest peaking,,It's still overheating my radiator,,,,just a slight cool down from Maddox,,,but maybe thats a good thing,,cause Im afraid Reyes is gonna crack an engine head...




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