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Monday, July 18, 2011

"The Darkest Pleasure" by Gena Showalter LOTU #3

,,,,Number 3 in Gena Showalter's Lord of the Underworld Series tells Reyes' story, keeper of the Demon Pain.
,,,,,Reyes made me sad, and his stubborness made me angry,,,*grrrr* (But that is what I love-the building and building of your anticiaption- and Showalter does not disappoint)
,,,,,Struggling with his demon to satisfy it,,Reyes literally gives a new meaning to "being a cutter."
,,,,,Danika Ford came into play in the first book the Darkest Night (review here) (I didn't elaborate too much,,cause I didn't want to give anything away)
but here how it started,,,,Danika, her sister, mother, and grandmother, were on a little vacation when they were kidnapped by the demons and taken to the fortress, It was to keep them safe,,from Aeron keeper of the demon Wrath who was ordered by the "Gods" to kill these women,
*and what better way to keep 4 females safe than to kidanp them,,but honestly is was for there own protection,,till the Warriors could solve the mystery of why the 'gods" wanted these women dead,,,,
*mystery,,,,hmmm I love mystery*
*See Aeron - Wrath killed buty only ones he felt deserved to die,,and these women we
re innocent and to destroy them would push him over the edge and lose all humanity,,that he struggles with his demon.,,and I don't want to get too much into Aeron cause,,his story his coming its not the next one,,but its coming,,*

,,NEWays the females now are out and basicaly living on the run seperated from each other,,taking all percautions necessary to survive...
,,,,,Danika, moving from here to there working crappy, slum jobs, living in rat holes, putting everything into her self defense training,,*Cause she will not go easily this time when those Demons come for her again*
,,,Except she lands herself yet again being held captive--but not by who you might think..*wink*,,,but these kidnappers have a plan, and Danika is the biggest part of it...

,,Now Reyes is there, freeing her and shes brought back not only to the place her nightmare first began,,but face to face with the men that started it....
*When she was first at the fortress Reyes seemed ot have caugh her eye, and ever since he has haunted her nightmares,,,but were they really nightmares or maybe her fantasies?
,,,,,Reyes,,deep down knowing he could never have this woman that has invaded his mind, and soul, is finding it harder and harder to resist into giving into his own pleasure and pain,,,
,,,,But will Danika betray him?

,,,And just how far is Reyes willing to go to keep Danika safe?

As you read you find out what Danika possesses (and its the one thing that might keep her alive)
,,,,,Sabine keeper of the demon doubt,,,you get alittle history on him,,,(his is the next book) and Paris,,,keeper of the demon promiscuity, is still struggling ,,harder now than ever,,,the sacrafice he makes will break your heart,,*but the eagerness to get to his book,,has my anxiety levels rising.)

The story line in this series is excellent I can really feel the emotional struggles of loyality, love and the sacrafices that the Warriors have to face,,,,,now its on to Sabine in The Darkest Whisper...




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