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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Darkest Whisper Lords of the Underworld #4 by Gena Showalter

Bound by the demon of Doubt, Sabin unintentionally destroys even the most confident of lovers.
above quote taken from here
,,,,,The Darkest Whisper starts out with a few of the "Warriors" rading a secret hideout of the "Hunters." After defeating there enemy they  notice several feamles in seperated cells some even pregnant.
,,,,,Sabin keeper of Doubt notices one female inparticular.

,,,,,Gwendolyn the Timid is a harpy, a very deadly creature if not able to control itslef, triggered by rage, pssessiveness, and fear.

,,,,,When the "Warriors" bust in Gwen notices Sabin and she has met her "Knight in Shining Armor" (or maybe not), but after a quick "harpy" attack so to speak, Sabin has something else in mind.

,,,,,Sabin keeper of Doubt is kind of an ass hole, making it clear that mothing comes before this war with his enemies, and is willing to take all means necessary, using, killing, etc,,whatever it takes...Soooo when he starts showling signs that he cares and might have feelings for Gwen, the poor girl is confused.  Never really embracing her dark side, finds it coming out more and more where Sabin is concerned.
,,,,,With training Sabin plans to use Gwen in hes efforts to find "Pandora's Box" before his enemy does and destroys him and all his "Warrior" brothers. But his plans change when he starts to think about more than just this war.  gwen being #1, and her safety and his possesiveness over her, has him doing the unthinkable.

* I will never understand men at all! Why can't they just come out and say what they feel, why they do the things they do? NOOOOO! instead they have to use your weaknesses against you and cut you where it hurts, and for some reason men know exactly where to stick it to ya...ok ,,sorry back to the book*
,,,Gwen betrayed, angry, hurt, and ready to kill, is stronger now than shes ever been.  Embracing her dark side and learning to control it is gonna show him.  Bound and determined to prove herself if not for Sabin than to herself, that she deserves her revenge against the "Hunters" that held her prisoner.

,,,,,Doesn't look like it will end with happines,,I can almost bet Sabin will need his knee pad...lol

*I liked Sabin's story "ok" but I found myself liking the side stories alittle more.,I was still intrigued enough to finish it.
,,,,,I didn't feel alot of "gasp" or "WTF" moments with Sabin, (there is a shocking revelation about Gwen's parentage that floored me)
,,,,,Gwen and Sabin did have there share of passion,,,and I did feel alot for Sabin as he was struggling with his demon and his emotions,,well I felt it,,but not like I like to feel it,,---and the "Harpy" was just a little strange for me,,,,,I will share this,,,this book did get me excited for Aeron's book which is next,," The Darkest Passion" and Sabin's book also got my blood flowing for Gideon's book "keeper of lies" and Torin "keeper of disease" and also there was a speacial appearance of a female creature that sparked Torin's interest that raised my curiosity level,,,to know if "that" is gonna lead anywhere,,,
The series,,is still rockin hard core and Im still enjoying it tremendously,,,,,I think,,alot is the fact Sabin is not really one of my favorite "Warriors" so that could be playing havoc on my opinion,,,
now on to The Darkest Passion,,,,,,




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