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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tattoos and Piercings Oh My!! Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn

,,,,,Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn did exactly what the title says,,It ROCKED ME!

*Since I started my reading frenzy about 2 years ago, I mostly endulged in the "Paranormal Romance" with vampires and werewolves with something new added to my list everyday---But thanks to my favorite "Floridian Booky" Maryse (folks if your totally stumped on what to read "next" go check out her book blog--by the time your done exploring you'll have a "TBR" or "Wishlist" from here to infinity and beyond--OMG! did I really just quote Buzz Light Year off of Toy Story !) NEWAYS........as I was saying,,,Maryse recently read some non-paranormal fiction with some hot hunky "Rock Stars" and since then has been on a treasure hunt for "Bad boys" and she has found some HOT "bad boys" and Brian Ross is one of them (check out her review here on "Rock Me" and her awsome interview with Cherrie Lynn the author here  and I have learned when she says "Read Now!" you read it ....like yesterday!

,,,,,So I took a break from the Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter and read Rock Me! and was left gasping, needing a cold shower, wanting to be a virgin traveling to East Texas to get a tattoo at "Dermamania" (and the fact that the story took place in Texas just made it that more exciting for ...cause well I'm not far from Dallas,,and this book had me totally slipping from reality)

,,,,,Candace Andrews is this sweet, innocent college girl living up to her parents expectations,,or at least trying to.
*Her parents are these uppity up snobbish control freaks (especially her mother) who thinks they know whats best for there daughter and criticizes everything she does, and doesn't do from her friends, to even her of career*
,,,It's Candace's Birthday and she decides to be alittle crazy and goes to get a tattoo, and not just by any artist---She knows who exactly she wants...
,,,,,Brian Ross is the ultimate "bad boy" and knows first hand what its like to not live up to "family" expectations..with a successful brother as a lawyer, and a sister on her way to a medical career, you could say Brian tattoo parlor owner didn't quite fit in,,,but he is doing what he loves and one thing he has that Candace doesn't is the support of his family,,,,

,,,,,Brian and Candace or old friends- Brian used to date Candace's cousin and Candace has had a crush on Brian from the beginning,,and you soon find out that Brian has a desire for her as well.
,,,With instant attraction, and very very passionate encounters, Candace is stressed to the max.  Practically on the verge of a nervous break down, battleing between her own wants and desires and those of her family's----AND, when she decided to blow off an important family even and sped the weekend with Brian, going to an awesome rock concert with him and his friends,,,(one I could have been at *pout*)things start to take a turn for the worse,,with assaults and criminal mischief threatening a criminal history,,this relationship has disaster written all over it....

This is a HOT exciting read, with heart breaking moments, there were scene's that I felt sooo sorry for Brian,,and as well as Candace,,,I could really tell that both Candace and Brian had something,,and like most couples fear is always a big factor,,,coarse that what makes the read more exciting,,,,,,,watching the fear dissipate from each other,,and causing myself to fall in love as well,,,*sigh*,,,,and in the end.....well your just gonna have to read it....

* I loved this story and if your wanting some "bad boy" romance will Cherrie Lynn will rock your world with Brian Ross just like he rocked me.*

and in honor of hot tattoo artists here are a acouple of mine!




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