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Friday, March 9, 2012

Review~ Bonded by Blood by Laure London #1 Sweet Blood Series

*sighs dreamily* After reading so many awesome reviews on Laurie  London's Sweet Blood Series, I have finally decided to read it myself.,,,,,I wouldn't say that I was totally swept off my feet, gasping for air, or clenching my teeth. but I did the enjoy the read and do feel my anticipation levels rising to start the 2nd one.,,,,,,I have been reading paranormal for along time and one thing I have decided and these are my own personal opinions, you can never go wrong with "Hot Sexy" male vampire, and the ever so innocent sweet human female...(well except the human female isn't me.) *shrugs* Hey all I have is my fantasies! *winks*
But anyways,,,,,,,,You take Mackenzie Foster-Shaw, she loves art works hard to take care of her mother who suffers from alziemers, and helps keep her brother in school. Despite all the tragedy she has endured in her past, well not just her but her entire family. She remains strong, Even when she finds out that she has a blood type that could drive a vampire wild.,,,,,you could call Mackenzie a human meth lap for vamps....lol
,,,,,Then you have Dominic Serrano the gorgeous vampire out to do good for his race, but suffers from his own demons as well. Feeling responsible for the death of his parents, and his bloodlust driven brother. Dom, is a vampire that is what we like to say a "loner", a "rebel" No respect for authority he is gonna do what he has to do, and what he wants.,,,,,,,,,So let me ask a question,,,,,What do you do if  you as a vampire find yourself completely captivated by a human that has the most delectable blood that is like your kinds crack.,,,,,,Would you you have the strength to "Just Say No" so to speak? (haha) 
  ,,,,,After one taste of Mackenzie's blood Dom was hooked, and not just on her blood. *grins* An unexpected change occurred in them both,,which lead to the swooning over possessive vampire male that all us females love to read about...
,,,,,With his protective instincts on overdrive, over the female, and of coarse the female stubborn and never doing what he says, you find yourself deep in the depths of just what the plans  of the vamps on the other side of the law so to speak want to use Mackenzies blood for. ,,,.(or is it Mackenzie?) *weg*
,,,,The passion is HOT! the drama is INTENSE, enough to keep you interested to want to know what happens next.

Laurie London Sweet Blood Series
1. Bonded by Blood
2. Embraced by Blood
3. Tempted by Blood





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