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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

First of all before I begin, Sweet Dreams is part of the Colorado Mountain by Kristen Ashley and this is actually the 2nd book, but it can read as a stand alone,,,,

,,,,Now normally I indulge in the"HOT SEXY ASS TAKE MY BREATH AWAY" vampires, but every once in awhile I have found to be captivated by a Rock Star, A UFC fighter type, Hell I was even swooning over a tattoo artist last year. Well now I have fallen in love with a biker. I'm talking black leather wearing, Harley riding, beer drinking, all kinds of HOT Biker!

and,,,,,,,Tate Jackson is just the one that did it for me.

     Tate Jackson has lived a hard life. Part owner of the local biker bar in the small town of Carnal, Colorado. Tate makes your "jerk oh meter" of men go off the charts.

                                                                                                           (Possible Tate Jackson) Peter Reckell

     Lauren Grahame, city girl recently divorced from a man that was nothing but a cheating bastard, went looking to basically start a new life.
    The day she walked into a small town biker bar looking for a job, she didn't expect the run in she would have with the partial owner of Tate Jackson.
     Tate is a jackass, and did not make a very good first impression with Lauren, but the more time they spend with each and especially when the threat of women in danger cause of some psycho path serial killer that is targeting women. Lauren finds herself in the middle of "Biker Babe Basics 101"
 *swooon* Another possible Tate Jackson
(Joe Mangianiello) 

     Tate will make you cry, scream. He will make you love him, hate him, swoon over him, slap him, throw your book at him, hate him some more...*rolls eyes* MEN!!

    The emotions between the characters in this book definately will set you on fire! With anger, frustration, and passion, oh,,,,,the passion *sighs dreamily*

The book is a very easy read, and the story is absolutely lovely! I could connect emotionally with the character, I fell in love with the town, with the locals, with Tate and Lauren, and the the idea of becoming a "biker babe in training" *laughs*  ((almost wants me to find me what my idea of the perfect man would be, hand him the book with all of  Tate's finest moments....and say "Here, read this learn it, love it, live it. then come find me")) I know , I know, It will just take me few days and my head will be back to reality, well back to it as much as I was before I was in Carnal, CO, working in a biker bar, and having basically the  boss pawn all over me!! *grinning*
and one more possibilty for Tate:
Ryan Reynolds *wiggling eyebrows*

"Colorado Mountain Series" by Kristen Ashley
1. The Gamble
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Lady Luck


_yay_ said...

I just downloaded the free Kindle sample on my ereader a couple of days ago. After having read your review..I'm sure I' gonna love the book. I might even start with book one.
_yay_ @



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