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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dirty LIttle Secret 7/5/2012

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by the hotties over at "Under the Covers"
Its fun, its exciting and can be ooohhhh so dirty!! *wiggling eyebrows*

To participate in the meme all you need to do is:

1. Be a follower of Under the Covers.
2. Create a post in your blog taking the meme image code from the there post and copy instructions.
3. Answer the question of the week,, This can be done in any way you like, post a video, write a post etc.
4. Then add  your link so, not only so the ladies at Under the Covers can check out your *coughs* dirty little secret but so can everybody else *big grins*

Non-bloggers: are welcomed to participate too!!! 

We hope you join in and let everyone know your Dirty Little Secrets! 
 This week's question:

What books have recently made you cry?
Well, as shameful as it maybe to some, crying is one of my favorite emotions and if a book makes me cry that means the words and the emotions I'm feeling, and that to me is what I call a good book!! If a book brings out your emotions on any level then you got a keeper,,,just sayin,,,
But on to the question,,,Its true that I have been out of the reading atmosphere for a few months and I am just now recently getting back in game but the last 2 books that I read that made me shed a tear,,was,,,,,*drum roll*,,,,,,,,,,,,,
# 1

And there  you have it, those are the last 2 books that I have read that made me cry ,,,,and that is my "Dirty little Secret for this week.....Have a great weekend and stay tuned never know what "Under the Covers" migh reveal next week!!!




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Never Enough of Bones!

Never Enough of Bones!