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Monday, January 5, 2015
"Monday Morning Coffee"
Where to begin on the first Monday of 2015? Well I sure as hell don't know. Not sure if I expected this Monday to be any different from any other Monday in 2014, but anyways....The real question for today is how am I going to start off the 2015 year? Well I could bore myself with all the obvious ...eat healthy, exercise, lose weight,,,blah blah blah but instead I am not going to make the same resolutions, but set so to speak goals for myself. Goal #1...I have gotten away from a passion of mine that I really want to get back into and that is reading..so I have decided instead of challenging myself to read ex number of books a year ..I am simply going to choose one book from my Library weather its one I have had and haven't read yet ..or if its a re-read from a series that I have already started and just need some dusting off from the bookshelf..So with out further udo..the book I have chosen for this week....is *drum roll* Jacie Burton's Play by Play Series "The Perfect Play" .
.Seem how its about football I felt it appropriate since we are at the final few weeks of the season and we are all eager to see who makes it to the Super Bowl.

Goal #2..Financial ...
I am the worlds worst when it comes to finances ..so I have decided to make this a challenge for myself.  As I have set a personal goal that doesnt' really apply to the whole New Year's thing ,,and that is to move out of this god forsaken west Texas town ..I am doing the 52 week money challenge.

So I have my book for the week and a whole $1 in the piggy bank.....

There will be more goals as time goes by but these are just a couple to get me started!

Jaci Burton "Play by Play" Series





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Never Enough of Bones!

Never Enough of Bones!